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ALL CHANGE  - Having tried it out, i decided to switch to micro four thirds gear earlier this year. The photos and movie clips I captured in Brazil's Pantanal made possible by the Olympus OM-D range are testament to the high qulaity of this professional class equipment

As usual, leading edge technology with ease of use, value for money; and I like to travel light.

Olympus OMD

THE HIGHLY ACCLAIMED OLYMPUS PEN  - A second model of this Micro 4/3 camera has been announced. Click here to see the full range of this superb user friendly equipment which produces "professional" quality results.

Olympus PEN

THE ZWAROVSKI HIGH DEFINITION SPOTTING SCOPES - I have been using the ATS 80 HD scope on my Olympus E-520 single lens reflex camera for a while. It forms a photo unit with a 32x magnification when compared with a standard 50mm lens (35mm format equivalent).
The results are outstanding - read my full review at

WILDLIFE IN NEED - When is it ever not? Television programmes, wildlife magazines - they all raise awareness but few are able to help directly. Having seen the effect that the Palm Oil industry is having on wildlife in the Far East myself, I can personally vouch for the urgency of the latest RSPB appeal. Click here for more information.
Wildlife in Need

INDIA - In February, I toured the “Golden Traingle” - Delhi, Agra, Jaipur then back to Delhi via Samode.
Nothing can adequately describe the complete contrasts of wealth in India. You have to see it to believe it. It seems a great pity that, despite a flourishing economy, the caste system seems to inhibit the distribution of wealth to all who
need it.
We were assured that that’s how they want it - fair enough, it’s their Country, but you begin to wonder when you look into the eyes of the needy.
India is a great Country and my finger pressed the shutter release over 1,000 times. Just a few shots are now in the Gallery.

Taj Mahal

VENICE - Wedding Anniversary in the Capital of Romance so the temptation to grab a few shots was too high to resist. Most of them were personal but a selection can be seen in the Gallery.
There is a superb exhibition of Canaletto's Twelve Ducal Festivities - as engraved on copper plates by Brustolon - at Ca Rezzonico. Thie exhibition is all the more interesting as Canaletto's original camera obscura is on display.
Recommendation - We stayed at La Calcina - excellent accommodation, views, food, service but not expensive for Venice!!

Santa Maria della Salute

MASAI MARA - In the gallery you will see images from Africa which were taken using new gear. Collectors of my work will see a selection of landscapes added to the portfolio and in response to requests, I have also included several of my wildlife shots.
The guys at Olympus have come up with some outstanding lenses for their E-System range. Some of those I use are listed in the Equipment section of the new website but I must single one out in particular - the Olympus 7-14 mm M.ZUIKO Digital ED 1:2.8 Pro Lens.
This lens answers dreams. It enables the type of image that we all search for - a subject close up and imposing against a broad vista in the background. Huge depth of field, perfect exposure to all corners and minimal distortion. Take a look at the skull shot and those of the Masai warriors to see what I mean.
Most folk know that I use Olympus cameras and their Zuiko lenses but they might not know why. I look for quality of build and performance, leading edge technology with ease of use, value for money and I like to travel light.
Olympus have met my criteria ever since my first OM1 SLR in 1976. I must tell you that it made me smile to watch the N & C users weighed down by their heavy gear as we followed the trails of the wildlife in the Masai Mara.

Masai Mara

COWES WEEK 2010  - A day out with some good friends on their yacht. One one arm around the forestay with f4.0 and 1/4,000 sec dialled in to the E-3 then home to have some fun with Animoto.

Cowes Week

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