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... "I would like to express my admiration for your photograph “To the Line”. It captures the exhilaration of the moment and the thrill of the race.

One can almost smell the sea and feel the wind in one's face. Another triumph! "

Trevor Blaber

“... This particular image has brought many approving comments concerning John's skill and his eye for the spectacular.
In essence this is a simple photograph but in capturing the light at each side of the image John has presented the viewer with a complex range of colour, light and symmetry …”

Terry Knott
“… As with all art, some images step up to you and grab you as you go by. This picture does that to me ("does" because I just looked again and got re-grabbed) …”

Kerry Costello
“… This is a wonderfully evocative image and for me the genius of this composition is the use of black and white photography - inspired …”

Melinda Hammond

“… Anyone can take a photograph but producing a great image, that takes artistry - with a lot of skill and hard work.
John has taken photography one step forward with digital image manipulation and by enhancing the original photo he has developed images exceptionally pleasing to the eye …”

James Verona
“… I particularly like ‘Red Hot’ as the composition of chillies in the basket is so colourful and reminiscent of my trips to Asia …”

Anne-Marie Yeo

“… I love mountains and when I look at this photograph I feel a sense of calm and serenity emanating from that huge mountain surrounded by soft clouds which John has captured perfectly …”

Caroline Stevens
“… Every time I look at this photograph it brings a smile to my face.
This is a difficult subject - fish don't stay still or pose for the camera do they? Great patience must have been required waiting for the right moment to take this photograph …”

Roy Parker

“… John has the talent to create works of art from photographic images.
Everybody who sees this limited edition print hanging in our house believes it to be a pen and ink drawing rather than the extremely clever photographic imagery which in fact it is …”

Maggie & Terry Haywood

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Photos of Boats