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photos of boats


As a Cornishman whose roots are in the port of Falmouth, I have loved the sea and boats all my life. Since the age of twelve I have been a keen photographer, turning my lens towards whatever catches my eye.

Now, some fifty years later, these two passions have come together and I relish every opportunity
that comes my way to capture the essence of boats in their element.
I hope you will enjoy viewing my work and if any particular photo takes your fancy, please see the information section about fine art prints, canvases and copies of images in the gallery which are available for purchase.

John Curgenven

photos of boats


The Solent J Class Yachts Regatta is now featured in the Events Gallery.

Impressionist Art
applied to a selection of images in the new
Paintography Gallery.

It doesn't have to be in colour - Six alternative styles are on display in the Gallery.
Special Offer on notelets of your favourite image - click here.
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photos of boats

An important point to bear in mind about photographs on the internet - whenever you view images on a screen, their colour and contrast can appear different from the originals, depending upon the individual settings of your screen.
There is more information about this at

Sometimes I am asked to photograph a specific boat, usually by it's owner, but I do undertake other subject types such as those on the projects page. If you would like to commission me for a photographic project then please contact me using the form provided on the contact page.

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Photos of Boats