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Digital Camera Batteries

"Getting more life from them."

Digital Camera Batteries

Question from Bob about digital camera batteries -

The "Camera Battery Life" article shows how to save battery life on digital cameras by using the view finder.

The newer cameras do not have view finders any more just an LCD. The older models had view finders. These new ones are terrible trying to get a picture with just the LCD lens so batteries are going to be used up faster - any sugestions??



Answer -

Hello Bob,

Sorry for the delay in replying, I've been on a photo shoot in Cornwall.

I agree with your comments and I much prefer cameras with a viewfinder.

In addition to the advice in Ziv's article, I have found that battery life can be extended :-

  • By setting the camera to the minimum time for previewing the image after it is shot.
  • By setting the camera to the minimum time for switching to standby mode.
  • By avoiding the temptation to view images in the camera.
  • By not deleting images in camera - wait until you have loaded them to your PC; I have found this to be particularly draining.

Hope this helps,


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