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Solo Build It
With unreserved thanks to my mentor, I'm thrilled to tell you that this site has achieved top rankings in its niche at the major search engines and has tens of thousands of visitors every month.

Do you have, or plan to have, a website and would like to achieve success like this?
Solo Build It
I didn't pay the search engines for that position, nor is the site's subject of photography in a small market sector with little competition. It's there because of the coaching, tools and services I found which helped me every step of the way.

Before exploring how this was achieved and how you can succeed with your website, it's worth remembering what I learned from my earlier attempts ...

win with websites, john curgenven

First Attempt - Going it alone.

It was about fifteen years ago when I produced my first website. I purchased some software, learned to use it to create a reasonably attractive site and submit it to the search engines. I waited for visitors to come ... and waited ...

You can spend quite a lot of time and some money trying to go it alone but you are unlikely to get very far.

win with websites, john curgenven

Second Attempt - Spending a lot more money.

I hired and worked alongside a web designer who built me my second, really attractive site with lots of bells and whistles. I also paid a Search Engine Optimisation company to brush it up and submit it to the search engines. I waited for visitors to beat down my door ... still waiting ...

You can spend a lot more time and money getting no further.

A period of contemplation and research followed.

I was beginning to wonder if my unsuccessful attempts were nothing to do with my chosen methods of implementation but that maybe my subject was not suitable for a website. Whilst I considered this could be the case, I decided to hunt the internet to see if there were any alternative ideas on how to "crack the web"!

I found quite a lot.Solo Build It

Some were obviously "get rich quick" schemes, which would be suitable only those who were born yesterday. Others were more subtle in their promises of fortunes to be made and a few were available for which I did not have enough arms and legs to afford the costs involved.

Then came the revelationSolo Build It

There were quite a lot of site owners who were recommending an innovative company whose approach to web business was different and had proven highly successful for them. This led me to my next attempt ...

win with websites, john curgenven

Third Attempt - Looking for short cuts.

That company is owned by a Canadian medical doctor who had been very successful at selling his product on the internet. He decided to share his website success knowledge through a book "Make Your Website Work" and some on-line tools. They were not expensive so I decided to try them out.

It was at this point that pride outweighed common sense. Having absorbed all his advice, I thought I could see some shortcuts for my third site and that, with my earlier career in computers, I could do an even better job than he did - "what does a medicine man know anyway?" - I surmised.

Guess at how much further my website attempts progressed.

Fourth Attempt - I wish this had been my first.

I should have listened to the medicine man. I went back to square one for my fourth website. Re-read all his advice and the advice from hundreds of his customers on his forum, took my time and did it his way. The doctor was right.

Number 1 at the four major search engines.


Tens of thousands of visitors every month.

Not a bad start, but was this just luck? ... No.

Was I the only one who had achieved such surprising results? ... No.

Could this be repeated for others? ... Yes, it has been.

This website is primarily instructional for folk who want to know how to achieve better photographs. It was borne out of the notion that the knowledge I have accumulated for one of my hobbies might be of use to others.

Why did I pick this subject? Because the doctor's method (I prefer to think of it as a course in web business success) guided me to do so.

Has the site achieved its goals? ... Yes, and then some.

Of course, if you own a store, its success depends on location, location, location. Success for a website depends on information, information, information. That's what visitors and search engines are looking for and that's what the course helps you to achieve - quality content for your visitors, presented in a way the search engines will give you high ratings.

It doesn't stop there - to win with websites you need a relevant domain name, website space, emails, forms, blogs, and much more besides. What really surprised me was that all these things are included in the course (not charged as extras later on) and are provided through different tool sets - some aimed at folk who have no technical knowledge, some for those who do know their html from their css.

Have I applied the course to other topics? ... Weightloss, Digital Dictation and more besides.
Solo Build It
By the way, you can click here to visit the self-teach course at any time, it's called - Solo Build It!. I suggest you take a look at the course to see how comprehensively it covers all the components of a successful web business.

Click here to find out about one of its features that helped get this site to "Number 1"

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