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The Photography Tutor is here to help you improve your technique so that you get more value out of your camera equipment by taking better photographs.

Each topic provides tips and ideas with examples of how to get the best out of everyday scenes. Take notes, or maybe print the pages, and keep them in your camera bag so that you have them ready to hand when you are out and about with your camera....


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PT Shadow Photos

Shadow Photos - With a little thought, a shadow can play a starring role in our photographs.
Photography Tutor - Landscape
Seasonal Landscape - The changing seasons can have a profound effect on the landscape and, therefore, photographic techniques.
Photography Tutor - Colour Wheel
The Colour Wheel - An understanding of the colour wheel has always been fundamental to photography. It's not surprising, given that colour is a crucial part of our world.
Photography Tutor - Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer - Wedding Photographer of the Year, Mark Seymour gives some expert advice.
Photography Tutor - Travel Photos
Travel Photos - Your images can be much more interesting if you dare to be different.
Photography Tutor - Portrait Photographer
Portrait Photographer - Renowned and influential portrait photographer Barry Lategan shares his thoughts and experience.
Photography Tutor - Understanding Histograms
Understanding Histograms - One of the advantages of digital cameras is that you can check the exposure of the photos you have just taken.
Photography Tutor - Landscape Photographs
Landscape Photographs - How to achieve the finest landscape photographs whatever the weather.
Photography Tutor - African Safari
African Safari - How to make the most of the adventure and its many photo opportunities.
Photography Tutor - Sky
Sky's the Limit - Taken for granted but offering limitless photo opportunities.
Photography Tutor - Autumn
Turning Over an Old Leaf - A challenge for your technical abilities.
Photography Tutor - Black & White
Black-and-white brilliance - Taking monochrome shots can make you a Better Photographer.
Photography Tutor - Composition
Compose Yourself - Understanding the basics can revolutionise your shots.
Photography Tutor - Fairgrounds
Fair play - Simple tricks on how to get stunning shots at the Fairground.

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