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Featured Photographer

"Ricardo Da Cunha"

Our featured photographer is selected from our readers.

I believe that our existence has a purpose. I believe our only true obligation in life is to listen to our heart and discover what it is that we’re here for. My reason for being is to help protect and conserve what little wilderness we have left by inspiring people to see and experience the scenes that I’ve witnessed.
Featured Photographer
By doing so I hope to raise our awareness of the importance of conservation and to ultimately influence changes in our attitudes and behaviour.

I see myself as a conservationist first and then a photographer. I really believe that you only capture a subject in its best state when you are passionate about that subject.

Therefore I fell into landscape photography from a passion I have for our natural world and I use photography as my vehicle to try and influence others to help protect it.

Featured Photographer

I am new to the field of landscape photography and I have so much to learn about the art. I find myself becoming more and more obsessed with it where I am always looking at the sky and the interaction that light plays on subjects. I am absolutely fascinated and in awe of light and I consider it the most important ingredient towards producing a successful image. 

Featured Photographer
I've been fortunate to have travelled a lot around Australia however there is still so much of it for me to explore and I think one can easily make it a lifelong quest to capture images here.

I am most eager now however, to traverse into other parts of our world and photograph majestic landscapes in Northern America and Iceland; I think these are at the top of most landscape photographer's wish lists.

I gain enjoyment, not only in capturing images, but also pondering and observing other photographer's work where I get most of my inspiration from. And if there's one single piece of advice I would give for others looking to improve it would be to study the work of the masters. Learn what it is that you like so much about their work and then go about trying to include these elements in your own.

More of Ricardo's photographs can be seen in the Landscapes Section at the Gallery of Better Photographs and on his website.

He also shares some of his skills and experience with us in the Top Tips section.

In all of the images that Ricardo captures he aims to represent scenes with no evidence of human intervention. As such he hopes his images demonstrate how awe inspiring our unblemished natural world is and motivates you to join him in helping to preserve our remaining wild places.

We are delighted to feature Ricardo's work and look forward to the possibility of doing the same for you. If you would like to be considered as our featured photographer, just post one of your images on our FaceBook Page with the title - "Featured Fotos".

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