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There are quite a few websites offering digital photography tips and critiques about members' photos. Some of these sites are helpful, some are not.

One of the best that I have come across is ePHOTOzine. Once you join, you can upload your photos and have them critiqued by your peers, learn from the many tutorials, read about the latest equipment, enter competitions plus much more. Click here to visit the site and to join - membership is free.

The critiques and tutorials have proven so useful that they have been published in a book - GUIDE TO GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY - there are hundreds of truly amazing images, along with the secrets behind their creation. Prepare to be stunned, inspired and provoked.

Digital Photography Tips - Guide to Great Photography

This book is much more than just a showcase of great images. Inside you will find a wealth of useful tips to help you take better photographs, along with step-by-step guides to advanced photographic techniques. Whether you are still a film user, or have fully embraced the world of digital, this book has something to offer, regardless of your level of experience.

There are two more books that are worth considering for the critiques and digital photography tips that are given by three of the worlds most renowned photographers -

Digital Photography Tips - Eddie Ephraums Working the Light - The book is divided into three sections, each introduced by one of the authors: Wilderness (Joe Cornish), Inhabited (Charlie Waite) and Inner Landscapes (David Ward). Alongside portfolio of their latest work, each section also includes a selection of work submitted by participants in the Light and Land workshops accompanied by comments and critiques from the authors.

Digital Photography Tips - Eddie Ephraums

Developing Vision and Style - The book also features photographs submitted in response to an invitation to participants in Light & Land workshops and readers of "Outdoor Photography" magazine accompanied by comments, critiques and advice from the three authors who suggest ways in which these contributors might further develop and refine their work.

Both of these books are featured in the Good Books section.

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