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Maroo Leather iPad Case

"A Luxury Case giving Unique Protection"

I was just about to buy the Apple Case for my new iPad when I came across this alternative. Real leather, better protection, great value.

I bought one.

Maroo iPad Case

Like many photographers, I now use a tablet to store my images when on a trip, sometimes I even use the iPad to take a photograph!

My camera equipment is kept in a sturdy case which keeps it clean and able to withstand the odd knock or even careless drop. I needed to find something which would offer similar protection to my iPad - the optional Apple case which goes with it clearly wouldn't suit so I searched for an alternative.

I found several, most of them less expensive than the Apple case, but many of them looked cheap. There was one exception - the Maroo Leather iPad Case. Not only does it look luxurious, it has a unique, patented technology which protects the screen if it is dropped while in the open position in the case, and provides adequate corner protection. I happen to like the Saddle Brown colour but there are plenty of alternatives to choose from.

OK, if you want one then a word of warning - I have given you links to Amazon in the UK and the US below BUT some of their stock is not the latest version which comes with Smart Magnets (turns the device on and off when the case lid is opened and closed). To be sure of what you will be getting, I suggest you buy direct from Maroo.

Buy the way, Maroo also offer cases for other tablets, portable computers and phones.

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