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Photo Slideshow Showcase

"Produced by You ... our readers"

Since the recent article on creating photo slideshows, I have received emails from readers who have tried out this exciting new service and who like it.

Because of this, I have started this Photo Slideshows section to showcase some of the videos Better Photographs' visitors have produced.

Now the thing about videos is that they can take a while to appear on your screen, especially if your internet connection is a bit slow. Please be patient - the videos are worth the wait.

OK. Sitting comfortably? Sound switched on? Here are the videos ...

Memories of Yamba

Produced by Sarah - www.villageafrica.org.uk

Have you produced your video yet? Why not let us all see it - just contact me and tell me about it - by the way, this site is seen by folk of all ages.


In case you missed it, the service has a free trial which lets you get a feel for it.

Snow Falls On Tisted

Produced by John - www.photography-and-imaging.com

Zanzibar Adventure

Produced by Paul - www.risingsun-zanzibar.com

Visions of Venice

Produced by John - www.photography-and-imaging.com

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