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Sometimes I am asked:

"Why do you use a form and not just post your e-mail address on the better photographs website?"

A good and understandable question. Using a submission form is really the only way I can prevent spammers from collecting my displayed e-mail address and bombarding me with unwanted nonsense. (I'm sure you know the feeling!)

In the time it takes to go through these junky e-mails and delete them, I could instead be reading and responding to your message!

Another bonus is that when your request is submitted through this form, it automatically bypasses my own spam filters - making sure I get your e-mail. Thank you for using my contact form. Please expect a reply shortly.

You can install your own filtering software. The award winning product Mailwasher Pro is fast becoming the most widely used and is continually being developed to handle viruses as well as spam.

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