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Raw Converter

"Which Software to Use?"

Raw Converter

Question from Michael about Raw Converter software -

How to shoot raw and convert to the finished picture and which software to do it with. Please use plain English and also I am a pensioner with a limited budget with regards to the software price.

Many thanks,


Answer -

Hello Michael,

Thanks for contacting better-photographs.com

I hope my (Cornish) English is plain enough ?!?

Most cameras which can shoot RAW files are supplied with software that provides some basic processing for the camera's RAW images. Maybe there was a disk in the box for the camera which you purchased which you could use? If not, I suggest you visit your camera manufacturer's website or email them.

Each camera manufacturer has its own RAW format so it's an unending requirement for companies like Adobe to keep their RAW processing software up to date for the latest cameras. The advantage of using software like that provided by Adobe is that it has considerably more function. There is more explanation about RAW at -


Which to use? - It all depends on how much refinement you want in your image processing.

If neither of the above suit you, you might try visiting -


I've not used it but it's worth a look - I'd be interested in your opinion if you do.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,


Raw Converter

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