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The RPS Creative Group

"Stimulating the Emotions, Imaginations and Senses of the Viewer"

RPS Creative Group

The aim of the RPS Creative Group is to encourage the development of photography as a means of expression and as a vehicle for the author to make a personal photographic statement.

Many types of photography can be creative. Classifications such as landscape, nature, portrait or derivative can all be areas of personal expression in which the photographer seeks to stimulate the imagination and arouse the emotions of the viewer. The medium can be print or projected image, monochrome or colour, for it is the personal input of the photographer which makes the description as creative appropriate.

RPS Creative Group - Murano Glass

The techniques which the photographer employs to add creativity can vary but will normally include

  1. choice of location
  2. choice of view
  3. choice of season
  4. choice of composition
  5. choice of lighting at the scene
  6. choice of timing to take the exposure
  7. choice of post-capture treatment

You certainly do not have to employ derivative or manipulative techniques to be creative.

The Group is committed to organising a wide range of activities in all parts of the country and informal meetings of members from a particular locality are encouraged to provide an opportunity for informal discussion and the sharing of expertise in all techniques. Regional meetings and seminars, some in cooperation with Regions of the RPS are offered and workshops in which experienced workers share their knowledge and offer guidance to others are an important feature. National meetings are held at least twice a year usually at centres in the Midlands so providing a central venue to facilitate travel.

The 'Creative Eye' is the magazine of the Group and is issued four times a year. Contributions are encouraged via both pictures and the written word. The Creative Group also provides this web site as a modern means of communication of its affairs and to publish members' images. We also have an active Electronic Imaging Portfolio Group, members of which exchange images via email. Overseas Members can participate fully in both the magazine and the email group.

The Group's membership includes many of the best known lecturers and exhibitors in the UK and many of these offer lectures to Camera Clubs and Photographic Societies in the name of the Group. The Group encourages this, as it believes that the club and exhibition circuit is a fertile ground for the advancement of creative photography.

Click here to visit the RPS Creative Group website.

RPS Creative Group - Clapper Bridge

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