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The RPS Nature Group

"Cross Fertilisation of Ideas and Techniques"

RPS Nature Group The RPS Nature Group was founded in January 1976 by a group of people under the Chairmanship of Heather Angel FRPS. It had as its aim - "to bring together photographers, naturalists and biologists who will encourage each other, by a cross fertilisation of ideas and techniques, to broaden their approaches to this branch of photography".

From that beginning, the Nature Group has grown to become a group with a membership of around six hundred, largely in the UK but with members from the four quarters of the globe. Today the Group comprises the whole spectrum of abilities ranging from those who are just starting out to some of the most eminent and well-known professionals; respected natural history authors with several books to their name; contributors to magazines; lecturers etc.
RPS Nature Group - Phalaenopsis-Amboinensis

You will be made most welcome by our Group, irrespective of the level of your photography. Many members who had little photographic ability when they joined have subsequently obtained a Distinction, often working their way through to a Fellowship of the RPS. You do not need to have detailed natural history knowledge, all that is required is that you have a genuine interest in, and respect for, nature. The Nature Group has always been an extremely friendly group, with members always willing to share their knowledge with others.

The Group's activities include:

    * a full colour magazine, 'The Iris', published three time a year
    * a programme of field meetings
    * a biennial convention
    * an annual exhibition
    * a monthly on-line Portfolio providing the opportunity to enjoy the images of fellow members while also obtaining helpful comments on your own work from other folio members.

Click here to visit the Nature Group website. 

RPS Nature Group - Troglodytes Troglodytes

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