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Mastering Speedlight Photography

"The Secrets of Stunning Portraits"

Until recently, my approach to speedlight photography had been along the lines of "avoid it unless it's absolutely necessary".

Speedlight Photography When I had used a speedlight, or flash as I still think of it, it was to provide either primary or fill-in lighting as needed.

I often marvelled at the outstanding portraits shot by professionals in studios or on location using specialist lighting equipment, but had never attempted such images - mainly because of the cost of the gear and the time it would take to learn to use it.

Then along came Damien Lovegrove who showed me how to take stunning portraits like this one, using the simple speedlight.

Damien's career includes time spent as a lighting technician for the BBC and then recognition as a top wedding and portrait photographer. He now transfers his skills to amateur and professional photographers alike through his workshops and DVDs.

Speedlight Photography

Anyone who has met Damien, either in person or on his DVDs, will testify to his enthusiasm and ambition for his students to succeed.

His latest DVD "Speedlight Mastery" is the result of the many workshops he has run on speedlight photography combined into two and a half hours of outstanding tutorials. Filmed on location in the Bristol and Manchester areas, the DVD makes you feel as though you are actually on a workshop.

Unlike so many tutorials which instruct at a theoretical level, Damien discusses how to select a site, set up your gear - be it one, two or occasionally three speedlights - then he shows you how to use it to best effect. There is no "here's one I prepared earlier" - you actually see all that is going on and if it's not right first time, how to adjust and compensate. Speedlight Photography

All his explanations are clear and thorough to the extent that you come away with a solid understanding of the principles involved.

Equally important is communication with the model and the effectiveness of Damien's style is self evident and well worth taking in. He achieves a rapport where neither photographer nor model is intimidated and the resulting images are evidence that the ideas of both are contributors to the outstanding images produced.

Speedlight Photography

When you reach the end of this outstanding DVD you are left motivated to have a go yourself and believing that you can do it.

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