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The BBC recently completed a superb series which was full of Wildlife Photography Tips. These were published as Masterclasses across 21 of their Wildlife Magazines and they were eagerly awaited by readers who enjoyed practising the monthly lessons “in the field” and entering the competitions which accompanied each class.

If you didn’t subscribe to the series or buy each copy of the magazine separately, you might think you’ve missed out …

... BUT ...

… it turns out you haven’t.

Just about every type of wildlife subject was covered in detail by the award winning professional photographers who disclosed their “secrets for success” in easy to follow, straight forward steps. Mammal Portraits, Bird Behaviour, Wet Weather Wildlife, Reptiles and Amphibians - just a few of the topics featured.

As readers of the BBC Wildlife Magazine will know, there is a new YouTube series to help wildlife enthusiasts learn photography, presented by BBC Wildlife columnist and wildlife photographer Mark Carwardine.

To give you a flavour, here’s the first episode ...

If you ever enter your images into a competition - perhaps your local camera club or maybe the Wildlife Photographer of the Year - then these wildlife photography tips cannot fail to help you improve your work.

One last thing before you become absorbed in the series.

Although the Photo Masterclass series is complete, the BBC continually run articles and features in their Wildlife Magazine which are helpful to photographers. These are invaluable when it comes to some of the most important aspects of photographing wildlife - where to find it and how to interpret its behavioural patterns.

Why not treat yourself to a subscription of the monthly magazine?

BBC Wildlife Magazine has kindly offered readers of better-photographs.com a special discount. Find out more by clicking here.

When you are finished, don't forget our in-depth masterclass by Michael Huggan, famed photographer of African wildlife, on Wildlife Pictures.

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