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The RPS Imaging Science Group

"Embracing all aspects of the science and technology of imaging."

Who are we?

RPS Imaging Science GroupThe RPS Imaging Science Group is one of several Special Interest Groups of the Royal Photographic Society. The Group's fields of interest cover all aspects of the science and technology of imaging - embracing both conventional photography and electronic imaging with image analysis, aerial and satellite technology and much more.

The Group channels these interests in three main directions, scientific publications, scientific meetings and education. The Group oversees the production of Imaging Abstracts, published by PIRA International, and plays a major role in the Society's scientific publication, the Imaging Science Journal, as well as keeping members in touch via their website.


A bit of history

The Imaging Science Group adopted this name (the Scientific and Technical Group was originally formed in 1920) in recognition of the need to reflect the Group's broad scope. The Group attracts Members who are professionals in the fields of imaging science and technology (and encourages them to apply for the Society's qualifications in Imaging Science), but also appeals to those with an educational or amateur interest in the science of imaging.

What is Imaging Science?

Our definition

If radiation of any kind, emitted from, or affected by an object, causes a representation (the image) of the object or some aspect of the object to be generated, then the systematized body of knowledge relating to the generation, properties and processing of the representation may be defined as Imaging Science.

Interested in joining?

New members welcome!

If you are already a member of the Royal Photographic Society, then all you need do is let the membership office at the Society headquarters in Bath know. The additional annual subscription to join the Group is £10 above the basic RPS subscription.

If you are not a member of the RPS, then simply contact the membership office and ask to join, adding that you would like to join the Imaging Science Group as well. Details of RPS subscription fees, etc. can be found on the RPS website.

Calendar of events

One or more scientific meetings are arranged each year by the Group. Of notable mention are the current annual series of Digital Futures and Good Picture symposia. These lectures and discussions provide imaging practitioners, keen amateurs and students with insights into Imaging Science and all technical aspects of Digital Imaging. One-day specialist meetings, sometimes held in collaboration with other Learned Societies, are also occasionally organised on topics such as Advances in Medical and Forensic Imaging.

Click here to visit the RPS Imaging Science Group website.

RPS Imaging Science Group

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