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Visions of Venice

"A Tour in 60 Seconds"

"Visions of Venice" is a brief example of what can be achieved with a new dynamic way of viewing and presenting your photographs. It signals the end of traditional slideshows and brings to life all those memories that are hidden away on your computer's hard disk.

Visions of Venice, animoto
So as not to take up too much of your time, I have produced this example using a selection of images from my recent tour of Venice.

When you watch it bear in mind that I could have selected any of my images, set them to any music and shown them at any speed - faster or slower.

The service that I used has a free trial which I used to get a feel for what can be achieved. This trial allowed me to mix and remix the show as often as I wanted.

Although I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to produce such a professional video for viewing on my computer, I wanted to see if I could produce a full length show and play it on my large TV screen. For just a few dollars I was able to do this and download two high quality files - one for playing at high quality on my PC and Digital Photo Frame and another to burn my own DVD!

You should see a QuickTime video panel further down this page. Depending upon your internet connection speed, there may be a delay whilst the video prepares to play - please allow time for this.

(If you do not have QuickTime on your PC or Mac you will need to install it - Quick Time is used by many websites nowadays, it is perfectly safe and a lot of folk prefer it to Windows MediaPlayer.)

Turn on your sound and click the small triangle at the bottom left hand corner along the bottom edge of the panel to watch the video.

If you like what you see and want a free trial of this amazing service using your own photos then click here to give it a go ...

Visions of Venice

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