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Underwater Photography Books

“A Selection of Good Buys”

If you were to read all the underwater photography books available, you would have no time to take photographs.

How do you pick a few which will help you?

The books listed here have all been read and recommended by visitors to better-photographs.com. Some of them cover a broad range of topics and techniques whilst others specialize on specific areas and subject types.

General Technique Photography Books

Landscape & Travel Photography Books

Underwater Photography Books
Wildlife & Nature Photography Books
Wedding and Portrait Photography Books

They have all helped their readers to improve and progress.

If you have read one which is not on the list and you would recommend it, then please spare a minute to help your fellow photographers by completing the short form at the bottom of this page.

Underwater Photography Books

Photography Books - The Essential Underwater Photography Manual - Denise Nielsen Tackett & Larry TackettThe Essential Underwater Photography ManualDenise Nielsen Tackett & Larry Tackett

More and more people discover diving, and the wonders of the undersea world, with every passing summer. Divers are stunned by the beauty they see—but how can they capture it? The Essential Underwater Photography Manual shows and tells them how.Underwater Photography Books

In this beautifully illustrated, practical guide, underwater photography gurus Larry and Denise Tackett draw on their years of experience to share everything a diver needs to know to take great photographs of life beneath the sea. Along with information on choosing equipment, the book discusses lighting, composition, and macrophotography, all in simple, straightforward language.

With practical exercises, reassuring advice, illuminating anecdotes, and, of course, awe-inspiring photographs, The Essential Underwater Photography Manual is the one book to get before you get wet.

Underwater Photography Books
Available from amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Photography Books - An Essential Guide to Digital Underwater Photography - Michael AW with Mathieu MeurAn Essential Guide to Digital Underwater Photography - Michael AW with Mathieu Meur

With the explosion of underwater digital photography this book is an absolutely essential guide for those who want to shoot beautiful digital pictures underwater. It is a complete “How to” guide that includes detailed descriptions and professional secrets, step-by-step instructions about choosing and using digital cameras underwater, exposure, use of light and shooting techniques for macro and wide-angle imagery.

It is packed with information, key points, tips and techniques of underwater photography, and even some professional secrets. An Essential Guide to Digital Underwater Photography takes you from the basics, channels your creativity to greater heights and guides you to produce some of the most beautiful pictures of the sea. It will also help you to learn the art form of photography and master the vocabulary of digital imaging. It is a complete digital "How To" guide.

An important new title for all underwater photographers. For easy referencing, the pages are color-coded. Above all this book will open your eyes to the enjoyment of digital underwater photography increasing the fun factor of your diving.

Underwater Photography Books
Available from amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Photography Books - The Underwater Photographer - Martin EdgeThe Underwater PhotographerMartin Edge

The award-winning third edition of "The Underwater Photographer" dragged the topic kicking and screaming in to the digital age and with the fully updated fourth edition highly respected photographer and tutor Martin Edge takes you deeper in to the world of Underwater Photography.
Practical examples take you step-by-step through the basic techniques from photographing shipwrecks, divers, marine life and abstract images to taking photographs at night. Brand new chapters cover not only highly specialist Underwater Photography techniques such as low visibility/greenwater photography, but also the digital workflow needed to handle your images using the latest software such as Lightroom.

Packed with breathtaking images and an easy to read style honed from over twenty years of diving photography courses, this book is sure to both educate and inspire underwater photographers of all skill levels. It is beautifully illustrated throughout with inspirational full colour underwater images - and the lowdown on how they were taken. It covers the highly respected philosophy of the 'Think & Consider' system. It is full of practical tips on how to get the most from your equipment. 

Underwater Photography Books
Available from amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Photography Books - Digital Imaging for the Underwater Photographer - Jack and Sue DrafahlDigital Imaging for the Underwater Photographer - Jack and Sue Drafahl

Designed to help the underwater photographer make a smooth transition to digital imaging, this handbook discusses how to digitally refine, correct, and enhance underwater photographs. The equipment necessary for digital imaging for underwater photography is explained, and includes a discussion on the essentials of scanning in order to develop underwater pictures.

Along with extensive information on Adobe Photoshop and how it can be used to edit underwater pictures, this new edition features instructions on how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements, a more basic program geared toward beginning photographers. Images and screenshots have also been updated, and information on the best software plug-ins for underwater imaging using Adobe Photoshop is provided. 

Underwater Photography Books
Available from amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Photography Books - Master Guide for Underwater Digital Photography - Jack Drafahl & Sue DrafahlMaster Guide for Underwater Digital Photography - Jack Drafahl & Sue Drafahl

In recent years digital cameras have profoundly altered the evolution of underwater photography. Here, the Drafahls show readers how to make the most of this exciting new technology, with tips for purchasing gear, selecting camera settings and taking the first dive with a digital camera.

Also included are exposure techniques, lighting tips and ideas for close-up and super-macro photography. Packed with dramatic images and clear, step-by-step techniques, this book is sure to inform and inspire underwater photographers of all skill levels.Underwater Photography Books

It also features: tips for buying underwater digital photography equipment; using digital-camera menu controls; exposure and lighting techniques; tips for fish photography, reducing backscatter and more; ideas for close-up and super-macro photography; travelling with and caring for underwater digital equipment; and, tips for reef and animal protection.

Underwater Photography Books
Available from amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Photography Books - The Underwater Photography Handbook - Annemarie & Danja Kohler The Underwater Photography Handbook - Annemarie & Danja Kohler

This handsomely illustrated handbook provides a complete guide to the basic techniques of underwater still photography and videography, including choosing the best equipment and using it to its full potential, solving technical challenges, and taking advantage of underwater conditions.
Underwater Photography Books
Full-colour diagrams, tables, and charts provide easy reference for exposure settings and composition. Annemarie Kohler is an underwater videographer who has spent many years researching tropical reefs and marine life behaviour. Danja Kohler is a qualified dive instructor for two international diving associations. This book is set to become one of the few classic titles about underwater photography. It is packed with good advice.

Available from amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

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