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Close up Photography - Sometimes flash is the only option.

Using flash for close up photography of insects, other invertebrates and flowers in the field.

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Photo Copyright - Credit where credit is due.

Photo copyright includes the thorny issues of moral rights, metadata, and more. Here are some suggested strategies that photographers can adopt to protect rights in their imagery in the ever changing digital arena.

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Protect your HARD WORK

BEWARE. Good reasons to remember the guidelines and warnings.

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February's Book of the Month

"50 Years of Wildlife
Photographer of the Year "

I received this book as a Christmas present. It's stunning and lives on the coffee table in the sitting room.

This special collection is a celebration of 50 years of the world-famous Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and of wildlife photography itself.

Featuring many of the greatest nature photographs of all time, it charts the development of nature photography, from the first hand-held cameras and the colour film revolution of the 1960s, to the increasingly sophisticated photographs of wild animals and unexplored places that are taken today. An incredible variety of styles, skills and approaches are on show, reflecting the great advances in technology and the many and varied ways of viewing and interpreting the natural world. The prize-winning images include ground-breaking portraits, breathtaking aerial shots, underwater photography, close-up imagery and much more.

The images are accompanied by captions that put the photographs in context, explaining their importance and revealing the vision, talent, passion and technique of the world's leading wildlife photographers. All those who are passionate about photography and who have viewed this compelling exhibition since its inception 50 years ago, will treasure this astounding volume.

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Travel Photography Masterclass - How to take pictures that inspire the viewer.

Of the few photographers who could present a credible travel photography masterclass, Julian Comrie has a lifetime of experience in taking stunning pictures which is acknowledged at the highest level.

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Escape to the Sun ...

"Better Travel Photographs"

Last minute thoughts before your winter escape to the sun - even if it's a spring or summer break.

The Travel Group of the Royal Photographic Society has a website where there are some useful tips, techniques and reminders to help you take better travel photographs, regardless of your style or photographic experience; plus many more benefits for anyone who becomes a member.

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Until the New Year

Olympus Lens - M.Zuiko Digital 40-150 f/2.8 PRO

Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 40-150 f/2.8 PRO - Pristine pro optical Performance

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Snow Photography - How to take better photographs of snow.

Here are some snow photography tips to help make sure snow stays white and bright.

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Street Photography - A Beginners Guide.

A step by step guide to starting and improving your Street Photography.

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Is Image Manipulation a Problem for You?

"The Integrity of the Image"

"It is hard to quantify how large a problem manipulation is."

“We are now in an age of computational photography… this means that there is no original image, and that all images require processing to exist.”

Dr David Campbell was commissioned by World Press Photo to investigate the “integrity of the image”. Has he produced one of the most important documents on photography of our digital age?

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Using a New Camera - Preparing your Thoughts.

Having chosen it you are possibly about to experience one of photography's more frustrating times; having to wait before using a new camera - well until it's delivered or you receive it, maybe as a Christmas gift, anyway. NOW is the best time to prepare for getting the most out of it ...

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Choosing a New Camera - Which is the Best for You.

When choosing a New Camera, it's the glass that matters most.

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Helicon Focus Review - Stacking Digital Images

Helicon Focus Review - Stacking photomicrographic digital images.

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How we got here ...

"The History of Photography
in 50 Cameras"

RPS Director-General Dr Michael Pritchard FRPS has authored a new book titled "The History of Photography in 50 Cameras".

The history of photography, perhaps more so than any other art, is a history of technology that is best revealed in the very vehicle that makes it possible the camera.

Through a selection of fifty landmark cameras, Michael tells the story of this ground-breaking piece of equipment that changed the way we saw the world around us.

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Understanding Histograms - Getting perfect exposure on your shots.

One of the advantages of digital cameras is that you can check the exposure of the photos you have just taken. This is easily done using the camera's histograms.

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Photography Workflow - How to prevent Overflow.

A disciplined photography workflow is essential if you want to spend more time behind the camera than in front of the computer.

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This Blog Post is only for you if you want to attract more visitors to your work.

has attracted 250,000+ followers"

My site has attracted far more followers than I expected and is ranked at the top of the major search engines.

Better Photographs is not a business, but the tools I used to build it can be applied to anything where you need to attract more of the right visitors.

This one minute video might help you as well.

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Autumn Photographs - A challenge for your technical abilities.

Taking autumn photographs challenges your photographic abilities and encourages you to be more creative with your perspectives.

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Top Award for one of our Contributors.

"Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year"

One of our contributors, Ricardo Da Cunha has just been awarded Australian Institute of Professional Photography - Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year. Congratulations Ric and thanks again for the help you have given to us.

Here's one of Ric's articles - A guide to improve your landscape photography.

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