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Is Image Manipulation a Problem for You?

"The Integrity of the Image"

"It is hard to quantify how large a problem manipulation is."

“We are now in an age of computational photography… this means that there is no original image, and that all images require processing to exist.”

Dr David Campbell was commissioned by World Press Photo to investigate the “integrity of the image”. Has he produced one of the most important documents on photography of our digital age?

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Using a New Camera - Preparing your Thoughts.

Having chosen it you are possibly about to experience one of photography's more frustrating times; having to wait before using a new camera - well until it's delivered or you receive it, maybe as a Christmas gift, anyway. NOW is the best time to prepare for getting the most out of it ...

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Choosing a New Camera - Which is the Best for You.

When choosing a New Camera, it's the glass that matters most.

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Helicon Focus Review - Stacking Digital Images

Helicon Focus Review - Stacking photomicrographic digital images.

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How we got here ...

"The History of Photography
in 50 Cameras"

RPS Director-General Dr Michael Pritchard FRPS has authored a new book titled "The History of Photography in 50 Cameras".

The history of photography, perhaps more so than any other art, is a history of technology that is best revealed in the very vehicle that makes it possible the camera.

Through a selection of fifty landmark cameras, Michael tells the story of this ground-breaking piece of equipment that changed the way we saw the world around us.

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Understanding Histograms - Getting perfect exposure on your shots.

One of the advantages of digital cameras is that you can check the exposure of the photos you have just taken. This is easily done using the camera's histograms.

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Photography Workflow - How to prevent Overflow.

A disciplined photography workflow is essential if you want to spend more time behind the camera than in front of the computer.

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This Blog Post is only for you if you want to attract more visitors to your work.

has attracted 250,000+ followers"

My site has attracted far more followers than I expected and is ranked at the top of the major search engines.

Better Photographs is not a business, but the tools I used to build it can be applied to anything where you need to attract more of the right visitors.

This one minute video might help you as well.

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Autumn Photographs - A challenge for your technical abilities.

Taking autumn photographs challenges your photographic abilities and encourages you to be more creative with your perspectives.

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The Tourist visits East Anglia ...

"2014 British Wildlife Photographer
of the Year"

Lee Acaster, this year's winner of the prestigious British Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award, is displaying his winning shot of a Greylag Goose called 'The Tourist" at Beyond The Image Photographers Gallery until Sunday, October 26th.

This is your chance to see the winning photograph and/or purchase a print. The Gallery is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11am - 4pm.

Top Award for one of our Contributors.

"Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year"

One of our contributors, Ricardo Da Cunha has just been awarded Australian Institute of Professional Photography - Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year. Congratulations Ric and thanks again for the help you have given to us.

Here's one of Ric's articles - A guide to improve your landscape photography.

Traveling to People and Wildlife ...

"The Masai Mara"

If, like me, you are fond of travel and wildlife photography, then here are some short videos which contain great tips worth remembering -

Dawn Approaching in the Masai Mara

Look at any one of these videos on YouTube and you'll find links to more like them.

Photography by Moonlight - Scenes in a Different Light.

Photography by moonlight is easy with practice. Here are some tips to get you started.

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An innovative solution to a problem all photographers encounter ...

"The Camera Can Lie"

I spotted an article today which is extremely helpful in overcoming a big problem of digital photography - Limited Dynamic Range. (The camera's inability to record everything the human eye sees from very dark to very light.)

The Limited Dynamic Range problem shows up in many ways, one of the most common being a shot which turns out as a dark subject against a bright background.

Here's what the photographer saw ...

Here's what the camera recorded ...

Unless you are proficient in the use of fill-in flash, graduated filters, image editor masking or HDR processing, (and have the time to use them) you are often left with a disappointing result.

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Photo of the Month - Sungai Penipah Beach in Mukah, Sarawak

"Sunset in Sarawak"

This month's selected image was taken by Peter Lee Pui Weng ARPS who lives in Sarawak Borneo, in a small town called Sibu.

He has been taking photography seriously since 2008 and shooting sunsets is his favorite activity.  He gained his ARPS distinction on Travel in March 2014. Peter always uses a wide angle lens with ND or GND filters for his sunset photography and he says a sturdy tripod and a remote shutter are a must to minimize camera shake.

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Landscape Photographs - Lovely shots whatever the weather.

Advice to help you achieve the finest landscape photographs whatever the weather - and you don't need an expensive camera to do it.

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Last of the Summer Wine

"Before the Leaves Fall"

Something to try when the holidays are over ...

Olympus Project

... and here's another technique to try if you're feeling a little more ambitious.

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100 Best Photo Tips

To celebrate reaching their 100th issue, Photography Week are offering a FREE issue for readers to enjoy! Learn essential camera skills and get inspiration from the World’s best-selling digital photography magazine. To get their 100th issue free, download the Photography Week app from Apple newsstand and enter the code ‘RPS100’ to redeem. This no-obligation offer is available until 30th September 2014.

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Selecting a Camera Tripod - "Choosing the right legs."

A camera tripod is one of the most important investments to make after your camera and lens.

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Calibrating the Camera Screen - how to get the most from it.

Assessing exposure correctly using the LCD camera screen will reduce wasted shots and time spent on the computer.

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