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Leather iPad Case - A Superb Alternative.

Maroo Leather iPad Case - Why buy the standard when you can have better for less.

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Mastering Underwater Photography - The combination of two great pastimes.

There are millions of keen divers in the world but not many have mastered Underwater Photography.

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Free downloadable photographs, free Wallpaper and Facebook Timeline Covers for your collection.

At Better Photographs you can get free help from fellow photographers, learn from master photographers and receive free downloadable photographs as well.

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Photography Composition - Understanding the basics can revolutionise your shots.

It’s a truism that, however good your camera is, your shots will stand or fall by your understanding of good photography composition.

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Shadow Photos - Using the Light and the Shade

With a little thought, a shadow can play a starring role in our photographs.

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Seeking Inspiration?

"Seeking Inspiration?"

RPS Nature Group - Cross Fertilisation of Ideas and Techniques

The RPS Nature Group brings together photographers, naturalists and biologists who encourage each other.

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Photography News.

Global-Source Photography News from Google, Yahoo and Feedzilla.

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Spring has Sprung ...

"Spring has Sprung"

Another project to help you build your skills -

Olympus Project

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Back on the Road Again

"Back on the Road Again"

Fancy a trip to Cambodia with one of the Masters?

The last time I discussed Damien Lovegrove's unique ability to inspire and empower his students was just after I attended one of his workshops in his hometown Bristol, England. Well there is now an opportunity to join him on tour and learn how to take stunning portraits against the beautiful landscapes that are to be found in Cambodia.

Damien Lovegrove in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of those amazing countries in the world where photographers gather colour and light to make visual masterpieces. And the people, it is the people in their locations that bring character to the image.  In a country like Cambodia, emerging from the devastation of a murderous past, a photographer meets it all.

The landscapes are breathtaking. Rivers, lakes and waterfalls exist side-by-side as unsurpassed contrasts. Amazing wildlife and domesticated beasts with a difference roam the countryside. White and gold sandy beaches with coconut palms ring the island retreats that dot the coastlines. There are the monsoon rains that bring out the vibrant colours and the splendours of reflections. The exotic plant life and fields of green take on brilliant hues often decorated with powerful skies and wonderful cloud patterns that create impressive backdrops. The jungle ruins of Cambodia are legendary relics of cultural magnificence felt in relation to the colours, the light and the people.

Damien Lovegrove in Cambodia

Damien says that helping other photographers achieve their goals has been one of his biggest highlights of recent years. He knows how to put soul into the visual and with his mastered skills of studio and on-location lighting; with his ability to shape control, texturise, colour and combine light.

To see a pre-tour video and for more information visit -

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Mont St Michel - A Spiritual Spire Ascendent.

Mont St Michel is an absolute must see if you are visiting Normandy or Brittany in the northern part of France.

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To One and All ...

"Happy Easter"

Protect your HARD WORK

BEWARE. Good reasons to remember the guidelines and warnings.

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The Work of Patrick Foster ...

"Beyond the Image Gallery"

'Irish Memories'
by Patrick Foster

Friday 18th - Sunday 27th April

"Perhaps because I am Irish, but have lived and worked in England for most of my life, I use my photography to bring me closer to the Ireland I love and miss, this is my way of 'not forgetting' my roots and especially how things used to be.

My work suggests a rural idyll that today is unattainable. The encroachment of the modern world or new technology into the Ireland of my childhood, I consider to be anathema; I therefore eliminate most forms of modernisation from my work, without destroying the honesty, and intimacy of the scene.

I suppose I am subconsciously encapsulating the heritage of an age."

All are invited to meet Patrick and hear more about his work on Saturday 19th April, 2 - 4pm.

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Professional Women Photographers - SPRING 2014 INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S CALL FOR ENTRY

Throughout the year, PWP sponsors several calls for entry that help fulfill the organization's mission of advancing women in photography. There are member-only calls, as well as international calls that are also open to the general public.
International Open Calls for Entry are one of PWP's primary fund-raising tools, allowing us to raise money needed to support our educational, networking, and community outreach programs.

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Camera Focus - Controlling the Lens to your Advantage

Focus of the Lens - How to take advantage of the lens' shape for better photographs with Depth of Field.

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Photography Exposure - What it means and why it is so important to get it right

Do your photographs always turn out just right or are they sometimes too light or too dark? Discover what photography exposure means and why it is so important to get it right.

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Photography Lighting - A Critical Element, though often forgotten

Photography Lighting - If there is one element that can make or break a photograph it is lighting and yet, it is often the least considered element, even if it is thought of at all.

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Photo Composition - What is in the picture and where it is

With photo composition, deciding what to include and where to place it can turn a snap shot into a better photograph.

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Water, water, every where, and all the boards did shrink ...

"The Hampshire Wetlands"

Having enjoyed a month in Vietnam - touring from Hanoi in the north to Saigon (most of the locals still call it that) in the south, followed by superb rest and relaxation on the island of Phu Quoc - the UK has greeted me with yet more rain and floods.

Fortunately my house is on a hill but the next village is flooded with some folk evacuated from their homes. Despite five pumps taking the water to a nearby river, an underground spring is winning the battle. My thoughts go to all those affected by this unusual weather - next thing we'll know is there is a drought and water shortage!!

I'll soon be working on the photos taken on my tour once the inevitable correspondence, housework, gardening etc. is under control. Meanwhile, Happy New Month to one and all and here's the latest Photo of the Month from Eric Hatch.

More of Eric's work can be seen on his website at

If you would like to have some of your images featured
at Better Photographs then just contact me.

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