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Light Painting - Creating your own Supernatural.

Light Painting is a creative, active, experimental sort of photography. And a lot of fun.

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Using a New Camera - Preparing your Thoughts.

Having chosen it you are possibly about to experience one of photography's more frustrating times; having to wait before using a new camera - well until it's delivered or you receive it, maybe as a Christmas gift, anyway. NOW is the best time to prepare for getting the most out of it ...

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Image of the Month - June

"Image of the Month"

June's Image was taken by Peter Thwaites whilst attending a workshop in Cornwall.

"Porthcothan Bay"

See more of Peter's work at

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Understanding Histograms - Getting perfect exposure on your shots.

One of the advantages of digital cameras is that you can check the exposure of the photos you have just taken. This is easily done using the camera's histograms.

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Colour Calibration - When is white WHITE?

When it comes to colour calibration can we ever achieve a perfect world?

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Calibrating the Camera Screen - how to get the most from it.

Assessing exposure correctly using the LCD camera screen will reduce wasted shots and time spent on the computer.

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Combine Pictures - Two Alternatives.

You can combine pictures side by side or by overlaying them.

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Travel Photography Masterclass - How to take pictures that inspire the viewer.

Of the few photographers who could present a credible travel photography masterclass, Julian Comrie has a lifetime of experience in taking stunning pictures which is acknowledged at the highest level.

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Intimate Landscape Photography - Look for Detail within the Wider View.

With so many excellent photographs on display, an intimate landscape will often catch the viewer's eye ... and the judge's!

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Long Exposures - Creating Surreal Effects.

How to achieve long exposures to create surreal effects.

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Building Photography - How and When?

What is the best way to improve your building photography?

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Panorama Photography - The All Around View.

Panorama Photography enables you to capture the total grandeur of the scene that a single wide angle lens setting simply misses.

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Landscape Photography - Thoughts from the Master on how to take the best images.

Landscape Photography through the eyes of Charlie Waite - now widely revered internationally as the doyen of English landscape photographers.

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Learn Landscape Photography - Better Landscape Photography (Part 2).

This 'Learn Landscape Photography' masterclass assumes you have read what I covered in 'Better Landscape Photography' about the importance of light, particularly around dawn and sunrise, and takes it further.

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Better Landscape Photography - The importance of light.

Better Landscape Photography is wholly dependent on light. Here's how to make the best of a landscape in different light conditions.

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Close up Photography - Sometimes flash is the only option.

Using flash for close up photography of insects, other invertebrates and flowers in the field.

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Photo Copyright - Credit where credit is due.

Photo copyright includes the thorny issues of moral rights, metadata, and more. Here are some suggested strategies that photographers can adopt to protect rights in their imagery in the ever changing digital arena.

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Protect your HARD WORK

BEWARE. Good reasons to remember the guidelines and warnings.

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February's Book of the Month

"50 Years of Wildlife
Photographer of the Year "

I received this book as a Christmas present. It's stunning and lives on the coffee table in the sitting room.

This special collection is a celebration of 50 years of the world-famous Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and of wildlife photography itself.

Featuring many of the greatest nature photographs of all time, it charts the development of nature photography, from the first hand-held cameras and the colour film revolution of the 1960s, to the increasingly sophisticated photographs of wild animals and unexplored places that are taken today. An incredible variety of styles, skills and approaches are on show, reflecting the great advances in technology and the many and varied ways of viewing and interpreting the natural world. The prize-winning images include ground-breaking portraits, breathtaking aerial shots, underwater photography, close-up imagery and much more.

The images are accompanied by captions that put the photographs in context, explaining their importance and revealing the vision, talent, passion and technique of the world's leading wildlife photographers. All those who are passionate about photography and who have viewed this compelling exhibition since its inception 50 years ago, will treasure this astounding volume.

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Escape to the Sun ...

"Better Travel Photographs"

Last minute thoughts before your winter escape to the sun - even if it's a spring or summer break.

The Travel Group of the Royal Photographic Society has a website where there are some useful tips, techniques and reminders to help you take better travel photographs, regardless of your style or photographic experience; plus many more benefits for anyone who becomes a member.

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